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Cultural Heritage Reserve Upgrade

The Crescent, Fairfield
Fairfield City Council

The Crescent in Fairfield was officially opened by Fairfield City Council following the recent completion of our Streetscape Upgrade, adjacent to the Fairfield Rail Station and taxi interchange.

The Upgrade included restoration of significant cultural monuments such as the Stimson Memorial Drinking Fountain (installed in 1935) and the Fairfield International Monument (built in 1968), together with new seating, flagpoles, bins and trolley bay, new wide pathways leading to the Station, as well as new gardens and trees for shade.

Representing early European migration to Fairfield City, the International Monument boasts a large “A” for Australia, and an impressive bow of a ship representing the transport which migrants travelled upon to reach our golden shores.  The monuments will now be able to continue to recognise this important local history for many generations to come!

The Crescent Upgrade creates an oasis in a busy City for workers and visitors, boosts visual quality of the surrounds and helps to shape the pride the community takes in their area, whilst maintaining a welcoming, safe environment.