COVID-19 Update

With the easing of restrictions put in place to address the COVID-19 viral pandemic, we at Growth Civil Landscapes are maintaining a range of strategies to limit the potential exposure of our employees, clients and subcontractors to the Virus, and allow us to continue to provide employment for our employees, service to our valued clients and ongoing work for our subcontractors.

The nature of our work is inherently low risk, however we are conscious that the potential exposure is still a very real possibility and as such we will maintain a vigilant stance on the controls we continue to enforce during these unprecedented times.

The team at Growth Civil Landscapes would like to wish everyone good health and to stay safe whilst we ride out this epidemic together.

Growth Civil Landscapes, multi-award winning landscape construction and civil company

Growth Civil Landscapes is a multi-award winning, landscape construction and civil works company, with the Company’s founder, Glenn Simpson, having over 27 years of industry experience and extensive civil and landscape construction knowledge.  From large scale civil works, to commercial projects, bioretention basins, playground and recreational facilities, streetscapes and public open spaces, Growth Civil Landscapes are the authority on construction and civil projects of any magnitude.

With the proven and demonstrated ability to deliver combined civil works and landscape construction projects, Growth Civil Landscapes has inaugurated itself as an all-embracing Head Contractor for our clients.

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