Ecosystem Protection Triumph!

Alice Lane, Newtown Bioretention Basin, Newtown
Inner West Council

The Alice Lane Bioretention Basin is an initiative undertaken by Inner West Council (formerly Marrickville Council) as part of its Waterevolution Living Lanes program. The program aims to create multifunctional places with vastly improved local environments and microclimates through building green infrastructure, including stormwater biofiltration systems, planting and revegetation, and cultural elements reflecting the nearby community. These actions will consequently apply sustainable urban water management principles to catchments within the Marrickville local government area.

The works undertaken included environmental safeguards, set out and level control, demolition, excavation, construction of stormwater pipework and pits, construction of kerb and gutter, paths and roads, construction of bioretention basin including various media layers (i.e. drainage layer, filtration layer and growing media layers), pond liner, supply and install of traffic signs with complementary landscaping.

This is a second project separately awarded for a bioretention basin/raingarden to Growth Civil Landscapes from Marrickville Council – client satisfaction speaks for itself!