Environmental Sustainability!

Scouller Street Rain Gardens, Marrickville
Inner West Council (formally Marrickville Council)

Environmental sustainability powers the way in today’s world, and Inner West Council (formally Marrickville Council) have demonstrated a pioneering step towards water catchment and water wastage in Sydney’s suburban streets!

The project grew from the Cooks River Alliance interested in remediating the water quality of the River.  Given its significance in the neighbouring local communities lives, the aim was to improve the appearance, amenity and usefulness of the River.  An additional focus was to improve the water quality for the ecosystem and public health.

Works comprised of a storm water catchment and treatment for an eco-water gardens system, pond liners, concrete works, kerb and gutter works, paved and concrete footpaths and sandstone spillway construction.

Independent substantiated results as to the effectiveness of the Scouller Street Rain Gardens has demonstrated an exceptionally positive outcome.  All indicators and studies undertaken suggest that the Rain Gardens will substantially improve the water quality in the Cooks River region, thereby meeting the project’s overall outcome!

With the success of the Scouller Street Rain Gardens, Growth Civil Landscapes was further awarded the Alice Lane, Newtown Bioretention Basin by Inner West Council – check out our Recent Projects for the full project scope!