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Fun and Games Galore!

Fitzpatrick Park Playground, Randwick
Randwick City Council

Fitzpatrick Park Playground is now open! The Playground Upgrade and Landscaping Works at this local Kensington park have now been completed for Randwick City Council, with the focus of creating greater play opportunities for younger children and toddlers as requested by local families who regularly visit the Park to play, meet and relax.

Works included construction of a new playground with large multi-play equipment to suit all ages, slides, swings, a nature play area and new rubber softfall, drinking fountain, bike racks and signage. Additional seating has been installed both inside and outside the playground area, provision of a new concrete path adjacent to the playground and playground fencing, together with complementary planting of new trees for shade, shrubs and groundcovers. Our initial works included demolition, earthworks, drainage and plumbing works.

We are proud to deliver this refreshed recreation area which will provide an appealing community place for everyone in the local area to enjoy!