Harbour Foreshore Protection

Belmore Basin Embankment Reinstatement
Wollongong City Council

New life has been breathed into a previously worn-out foreshore, whilst protecting a spectacular harbor side, natural environment!

With challenging environmental and site conditions, the works to the landscaped embankment and dunes along the Belmore Basin foreshore to stabilise the dunes, restore the embankment and reinstate the concrete garden wall and garden have revitalized the harbor side town!

Construction works included the retention (where possible) and modification of existing reno mattresses and repair in place, beach excavation, steel and concrete installation, construction of a new low height concrete garden wall forming planter boxes, reconstruction of garden in original position with new planting of appropriate species, installation of drip lines with connection to irrigation system, together with dune nourishment works to further stabilise the area.

As always, it has been a pleasure working with Wollongong City Council team to complete this remarkable conservation project.