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Iconic Fountain Revival

North Sydney Council

The Tunks Fountain in St Leonards Park, adjacent to the ANZAC war memorial, has been brought to life following a recent repair and upgrade. The fountain, made from Sicilian marble, was erected in 1885 to commemorate William Tunks who was the first Mayor of St Leonards between 1867-1883 and father of public parks in North Sydney.

Improvement works included the repair of cracks and repainting of the base bowl. In addition, a new pump, filtration system, waterproofing, extensive plumbing works and electrical cabling were installed.

This fountain renovation is an impressive point of interest in St Leonards Park and is part of Stage 2 - Tunks Way Improvements of the St Leonards Park Landscape Master Plan works, which follows our upgrade of the award-winning St Leonards Park Forecourt.

Growth Civil Landscapes has completed two projects recently for North Sydney Council - the North Sydney Oval Forecourt, which received an AILA award, and the recent refurbishment of the Tunk’s Fountain in St Leonards Park.

Growth Civil Landscapes has demonstrated they conduct themselves in a professional manner in all aspects of their operations whilst undertaking projects for North Sydney Council including – quality of work, site safety, public safety, time management, site meetings and client contractor relationship.

Both projects recently undertaken by Growth Civil Landscapes have included elements of work with heritage structures and they were given the care and protection that was required to maintain the integrity of the structures.

Growth Civil Landscapes have shown a keenness to produce high level outcomes and satisfaction to their clients, North Sydney Council would welcome Growth Civil Landscapes to tender for future landscape projects due to the positive outcomes achieved.

Damian Conway, Project Manager