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Organic Learning Environment!

Marlborough Street Early Learning Centre, Fairfield Heights
Fairfield City Council

Creating a safe, imaginative and stimulating environment in a naturalist setting for children to learn and reach their full potential was the underlying aspiration of the Outdoor Upgrade works embarked on at the Marlborough Street Early Learning Centre at Fairfield Heights.

Upgrade works consisted off demolition of existing playground and trees, drainage, timber Mod Wood Merbau decking and bridge, dry creek bed with natural stone, concrete works, paving, water fountain, tree trunk balance beams, sandstone rock edging, flagstone paving, together with softworks (including plants, topsoil, native leaf mulch, etc).

Where possible, materials onsite were recycled and reused: feature tyre garden, rock, stockpiling of site topsoil, in conjunction with the timber balance beams created from trees cut onsite.