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Our Pioneers Resting Place

Apex Park
Liverpool City Council

Positioned on a pulsating intersection in the hub of Liverpool, Apex Park is the location of Liverpool’s first cemetery for pioneer settlers, and consequently one of the city’s most historic parks. Abandoned by the settlers due to dampness, the Park was left to ruin however later transformed into a recreational area in the mid-fifties.

Due to amplified popularity and growing residential community, Apex Park was selected for further redevelopment. The brief: turn the Park into a new landmark for Liverpool, creating an attractive and welcoming space for residents and visitors, while sympathetically acknowledging the Park’s pioneer history.

Over 8,300sqm of parkland and playground was upgraded, incorporating a new memorial plaza and picnic area added, open lawn for multi-purpose use with new seating, landscaped gardens and accessible pathway networks.  With the new playground a key focus, forming an exploratory circuit with a multiplay structure, cycle paths, maze and a nature play with elevated balance beams amongst the trees.

We are very proud to announce that this project has WON 2 AWARDS! Growth Civil Landscapes won a SILVER AWARD from The Landscape Association NSW/ACT for Commercial and Civil Construction $1.5m - $3m at the 2021 Landscape Excellence Awards! Apex Park at Liverpool has also won a GOLD AWARD for Landscape Design at the Sydney Design Awards 2022, following submission by the landscape architect, Turf Design Studio.

Works incorporated site establishment including all tree protection, sediment and erosion control, demolition of all existing features (garden beds, BBQ, concrete slabs, shelters, bench seats, picnic settings, brick wall, bins, park signage, concrete paths), together with decommissioning and removal of light poles and switch board.

Earthworks and excavation for electrical services and irrigation system next occurred, with installation of new playground equipment, lighting, interpretive signage, bench seats, picnic settings, shelters, bins, maintenance gate, water refill station, concrete and decomposed granite paths, granite pavers, concrete edging, wetpour rubber, perimeter fencing, entry walls, shade sail structure, park signage, relocation of existing steam roller, installation of irrigation system, softworks including garden beds, planting and turfing.

Plant selection was carefully considered, with numerous selections based on The National Trust of Australia (NSW) cemetery conservation guidelines and chosen for their symbolism, such as Rosemary for remembrance, Thyme for courage and strength, and Cypress for hope.

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Hi Glenn 

I would like to personally thank you and all your staff for delivering a very high quality park project for Liverpool City Council.

Growth Civil Landscapes is one of the most professional civil landscaping companies I have dealt with during my 9 years working at Liverpool City Council.

Constructing a park in Liverpool CBD has it own challenges but a historic park which was a former cemetery with approximately 2200 burials is even more challenging.

You and your team have excelled and has presented a beautiful park.

Thank you

Peter Japp, Site Inspector Open Space Construction